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Sunday, June 7, 2009

LCC Naga on a Sunday

So how's LCC Naga after a month that SM has formally opened? Hmmmm Nag midnight sale na sila ng dalawang beses (if i'm not mistaken). Ang pnaka okay na sila nila is with the furnitures and sala sets for almost 50% off!. These pictures were taken around 11am. Dati kapag almost lunch time na kapag Sunday.. mdyo puno na ang food court nyan.. pero ngaun it's so obvious na affected tlga sila.. what more kung weekdays pa. Even though LCC is not really on it's scheduled sale.. the red tags and huge signages which says SALE are still up. MENDREZ isn't anymore in LCC.. sbi nsa SM na daw? So there, let's just wait and see which stall will close up next.


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