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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bicolano Social Network

BicolKnown - a new Social Network which originated here in Bicol

Excerpts from their site.. a little something about BicolKnown

Bicolknown is a new established Travel and Promotion organization which main goal is to contribute to the development of Bicol as a major tourist destination in the country. This Travel organization has been formed out of the enthusiasm of seven young individuals who believe that a vast of opportunity is waiting for Bicolanos if its tourism would be enhanced and promoted in its full capacity.

Alongside with its devoted advocacy of promoting the Bicol Region, Bicolknown offers tour for students, professionals, vacationers, adventurers, and the like whether foreigners or locals. Tour Packages may be historical, educational, and environmental in nature which are planned and organized in the most exquisite “Bicolnon” way. Tanaw Bicolnon also carries with it the pride of being the first and only Travel organization to offer “Cultural Tourism”.

Bicolknown has also its own E-Mag (Electronic Magazine) designed to bring out the best out of Bicolanos through showcasing Bicol known destinations, trade and industry, and culture.

Making Bicol known not just in the context of the Philippine Archipelago but around the world is the vision of Tanaw Bicolknown and providing Bicolanos a locus of opportunity is its mission.

We’re here to serve. For everything BICOLNON is in BICOLKNOWN.


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