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Friday, February 9, 2024

But First, Coffee - Ateneo Ave. Naga City

After more than a year after its opening, I finally tried But First, Coffee - Ateneo Ave Naga. My friends have been raving about their Spanish and Vietnamese Latte since then. I just love small cafes not only because it gives you a homey space but you can actually smell the aroma of the coffee in every cup that they prepare. 

Let’s go straight to the point, their coffee is SO GOOD but at a VERY AFFORDABLE price point, perfect for people who are always on the go and especially students who are mindful of their budget. 


 Drip Based starts at P55

 Espresso Based starts at P100

 Matcha Based starts at P100

They also sell pastries 

From L-R: Spanish Latte in 500ml Reusable Bottle, Matcha (Hot) & Auro Series -

And some limited series like aas of writing, The Auro Series - the Auro Choco Butterscotch has a unique chocolatey flavor that I haven’t tasted in other cafes before. 

Loved the Spanish Latte, as it was not too sweet. 

The Vietnamese Coffee is someone for those who need a little extra caffeine boost. 

The Matcha oooh matcha, that earthy feeling for the Matcha lovers will definitely dig this, I tried the Hot version, and as for someone who drinks Matcha based drinks on an occasional basis? This I liked! 

SIZES: 12oz for hot, 16oz for iced and 1 Liter for Bottled Coffee, they also have a 500ml which you can use next time you visit them with a discount yey!

And guess what they OPEN at 8AM! Morning coffee people, rejoice! 

But First Coffee is actually easy to find just go straight to Ateneo Avenue and turn right in Mother Francisca’s Street and they are at Melrose Place on the right. Do try the Coffee by Bottle, it’s perfect for the office and groups. If you will have it delivered, just request for ICE and it’s good for sharing. 

But First, Coffee - Ateneo Ave Naga

Mother Francisca St. Ateneo Ave, Bagumbayan, Naga City

Store hours: 8AM-9:30PM (Mon-Thurs), 8AM-11:30PM (Fri-Sat), 12NN-7:30PM (Sun)

Delivery: In House Delivery just messaged them via Fb Messenger m.me/butfirstcoffeeateneoavenaga

via Foodpanda and Grab Food

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