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Monday, May 15, 2023

5150 Triathlon CamSur! New Race Date is February 11,2024, Register now!

Cam Sur - The original race destination is back for 5150 Triathlon CamSur and Go for Gold S2 Sunrise Sprint, after 12 long years! Triathletes REUNITE, REDISCOVER CAM SUR WITH ITS PICTURESQUE SCENERIES that will surely captivate your soul. NEW RACE DATE is ON FEBRUARY 11, 2024!

With the evident support of the Province of CamSur since day one, a Media Conference was held last May 4, graced by Congressman LRAY Villafuerte and Governor Luigi VIllafuerte, hosted by Whit Raymond and the OGs namely:

NOY JOPSON the 1st IRONMAN 70.3 Philippine Champ
ARLAND MACASIEB, 2011 Cobra IRONMAN 70.3 Filipino Elite Champion
ERNIE LOPEZ - President of ABS-CBN Creative Programs

The OG's reminisced the friendly community in CamSur  all throughout the race. The overwhelming support of the Province of CamSur is consistent, the participants of the IronKids program back then was a springboard to some who are now even part of the SEA Games in Cambodia this year. And the after-party is something that you should not miss!

There will be two events on August 6 here in CamSur. First is the 5150 Cam Sur with a total distance of 1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run event which serves as the answer to athletes who love to do short-distance but challenging races in a world-class set-up, this is even perfect beginners. Second is the Go for Gold Sunrise Sprint (or S2) which is a short distance triathlon series featuring a 750m open-water swim in open water, 20km bike ride and a 5km run. Sunrise Sprint will be a sub-category to the 5150 Triathlon event races , the S2 is the short distance race that will give you that fun and friendly racing experience that can be found in every Sunrise brand of triathlon racing but with lesser of the challenges that are ever-present in its longer-distance race predecessors.

Experience the best race in 5150 CamSur! Invite your friends and avail the 4+1 promo! Plus, you’ll get an exclusive jersey you don’t wanna miss! Hurry and register now: https://www.goforgold.sunrisesprint.com/

A special package awaits! Play With Your SQUAD or GO SOLO! 
> Join all the 5150 races and get $95 off; or
> Register as a group of five in our 4+1 package and save $150! An exclusive 5150 bike jersey will be given for FREE to the first 20 teams registered for the promo - three different local designs for each race destination!!

REGISTER HERE! 5150 Package Promo

5150 Triathlon CamSur & Go for Gold Sunrise Sprint 
Event Schedule as of April 27, 2023
Download it HERE


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