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Monday, July 9, 2018

#NCDFoodTrip: MarkDom's Chips & Dips and MarkDom's Arabiana

#NCDFoodtrip It’s soooo nice to eat again at MarkDom’s chips and dips / Oh wholly crepe and now that they also have Markdom's Arabiana, the menu just got more interesting! 😍

📌 Top of my list is the GRILLED CHICKEN MASALA, an Indian chicken recipe with a sauce that you will keep asking for more! Slice a portion from the chicken, wrap it in the pita bread and dip it in the sauce. Flavorful!! 

📌 At last, I was able to try their CHICKEN SHAWARMA in a CREPE. The crepe itself and the sauce is a winner on its own, the chicken shawarma is an extra bonus! 

📌 The PHILLY CHEESE STEAK SANDWICH has a rich taste perfect with the fries. They also have another version of a crispy chicken sandwich that’s also worthy to try. 

📌 If you are a rice person instead of the pita bread or crepes, MarkDom’s also has rice meals with Mediterranean flavors to spice up your day. 

📌 Crepes are happy desserts 😍. Explore a variety of crepes from MarkDoms and you’ll surely cap your meal with a sweet and satisfied smile. 


Offering a variety of street food  inspired from other countries. More and more restaurants open in Naga offering flavorful, herbed and classic meals from around the world. This is what MarkDom’s chips and dips / Oh wholly crepe is all about. Chicken, baby back, Three Brothers Burgers, chips and dips and more that will surely tickle your taste buds and oh plus their sought after Lebanese Shawarma (that I still have to try, but heard so many good comments about it). Crepes are also their specialty! Can’t wait to try them too!
Originally posted on Facebook: March 10, 2018

I loved their Chai Tea too for only P55 😍. 
Chicken with drinks starts at P85 to P89 with drink and flavorful sauces. (Chicken Teriyaki, Korean Crispy Chicken, Classic Bbq Chicken and Buffalo Chicken).

MarkDoms is now located at 24 High Street Food Park
Beside Bicol Access Health Centrum
CBD II, Brgy. Triangulo, Naga City


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