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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Granjeros Central, your source of all natural and organic products

Granjero, a Spanish word meaning farm or small farmer. Granjeros Central will be Naga's new hub for all natural and organic products from meat and poultry, veggies, etc sourced from small and local farmers in and out of the city. They are located at the Cereza, Magsaysay Avenue, #NagaCity. They also have an in-house restaurant where all the ingredients used in their food are organic too. 

Let me get ahead of you, this isn’t a sponsored post. First, I normally feature products and services if I have my first-hand experience with them and secondly if I love / like what they are offering.

I got hit by flu last week and is still under medication as of writing. Finally, I got the time to write a little because of the transport strike and I got reminded of these products from Granjeros Central that we got especially the honey from Orange Country Enterprise and the Kalamansi Concentrate for my cough and colds. Reality ONE, sometimes, when we get sick only then that we get to be reminded to eat healthy.

Don’t get intimidated by the packaging of these products, yes it has the impression of being pricey, but once you get to check their products one by one, you may actually say that the pricing is reasonable. That’s for me ha. Still depends on you.

Reality TWO, it’s when you get to age a ‘lil bit, that’s also the time you get to be reminded to eat healthy too. When you start to drown yourself in work for almost 6 days a week, sometimes you will realize to take it slow because you are now actually working for work, instead let work, work for you. 

Shifted to the Kalamansi Concentrate for two straight days, 3 times a day and I got my taste-buds back that soon. I’m caffeine free for a week now and I’m sleeping early than the usual. I’m planning to cut down my coffee intake little by little. Wish me luck lol

The red rice is something that we still have to get used to, gosh we love the white one of course! Haha The dried seafood, “Bolinao” is not the boring daing because it’s crunchy and still has that homey and simple feeling of eating dried fish, yep reduced saltiness, gentle on your kidneys. Loved the Smoked Longanisa too!

Reality THREE, who says healthy foods are boring? It’s just the proper mindset that we need. Granjero’s Central is located at Cereza, Magsaysay Avenue offering all organic and natural products. Check it out!

 Purchasing these products will mean that you are also supporting our local farmers' produce.

Granjeros Central
Cereza Compound, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City
Store Hours: 10 am to 10 pm


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