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Monday, September 18, 2017

Review: Tugawe Cove Cafe

Tugawe Cove Resort in Caramoan, Camarines Sur,  is one of Bicol's sought after tourist destinations. The exclusivity and the natural scenery being offered and not to mention the "Excellent" Trip Advisor ratings  is something that you can never deny that Tugawe is a must visit. Reviews and testimonies from those who have visited Tugawe means that the pay is worth the stay. Truth be told that I have been to Caramoan, but just not yet in Tugawe Cove Resort. The resort was actually included in CNN's list of the remote and luxurious retreats in the Philippines along with Ticao Island in Masbate.
A stepping stone to Tugawe Cove Resort is actually here in Naga City. Tugawe Cove Cafe located at the grande entrance of the newly opened Robinsons Place Naga will give us a glimpse of what the resort can offer to us gastronomically speaking. Just to get ahead of you, this is just a part of the whole gastronomic offerings of the resort.

I must admit, the first time I heard that there is a Tugawe Cove Cafe in Robinsons, my first impression was, "Hmm, pricing might be a little expensive compared to other existing cafes". Alas, I was wrong! Let me share to you some of the fine and unique dishes  Tugawe Cove Cafe has to offer.

Drinks come in Hot and Iced and starts at P50 to P130.  Coffee-blended drinks starts at P120 to P130 only. Blended non-coffee based drinks are at P120 and juices at P80. Sandwiches starts at P120 to P150. Pasta at P180 to P200. Rice plates from P180 to P220 and waffles at P120.  Dessert starts at P20 to P110. Wait until you see the uniqueness of the dishes.
Green Tea Latte, Mixed Berries Smoothie and Sea Salted Caramel
 I ordered the Sea Salted Caramel and boy I loved it. I like it when it's not too sweet and overpowering. It's just perfect when paired with food.

Breakfast in Bed anyone? This, perhaps is the most interesting dish that the cafe offers. Likened to a chowder in a bread bowl, it's cheesy, creamy, with egg and pork? bits that actually add up to the flavor of a pizza but sprinkled with herbs which tells us that it's different. They bake their own bread and pastries too, so this it is a plus point for them.

From the kinds of pasta being offered by Tugawe Cove Cafe, we were able to try two of them. First is the Laing Mac. A closer look below...

The Laing Mac has a creamy base with of course Laing. This is definitely uniquely made in terms of taste. When Laing is perfect with rice, this Laing with the pasta blends well with bits of pork on it. Second pasta is the Bicol Express Cannelloni. 

 A closer look at the Bicol Express Cannelloni. It's like lasagna but with Bicol Express in it. I like that Laing Mac better.

They also have sandwiches like this on on the photo below called the Greek Panini.

Take a look at the interior of the cafe. Native interiors partnered with an industrial type steel bars plus the accent of the leaves on the wall will actually let you imagine how is to be at the resort. What more if you can actually sat by the beach front while enjoying the food of Tugawe Cove Cafe. Just wow!

I'm also loving the patterns, shades and hues of color present at the cafe. From the flooring to the fixtures and even the ceiling.

Oh, I almost forgot, they also have waffles for your dessert.

Seems like every cafe in Naga will always a nice ambiance, it's becoming a basic requirement and Tugawe Cove Cafe really did good job on that department. But what I really like about the cafe is the pricing of their food. With the kind of food that they are offering, plus the plating and the uniqueness, the prices are surprisingly affordable. So my first impression is definitely wrong and I have to give it to them. I hope it stays that way though =P 

At least now I have taken one step forward to Tugawe Cove Resort lol. On to a few more saving up for that ultimate vacation that I may reach the cove and experience it myself. I also look forward to trying the other dishes and most especially their desserts. Leave on the comments below your favorites too, guys!

Thank you Tugawe Cove Cafe for having us! Thank you Ms. Sol for the invitation! God bless and more power!

Tugawe Cove Cafe 
Ground Floor, Al Fresco Dining
Robinsons Place Naga
Roxas Avenue, Corner Almeda Highway
Contact No 09088189149
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tugawecovecafe/
Instagram: @tugawecovecafe


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