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Monday, August 14, 2017

Review: The Korea House by Kim's Han Guk Kwan Korean Restaurant

Naga City - The fourth Korean resto has just opened its doors along Alemeda Highway to Naguenos. They might be the latest one to open but I can personally say that they will now top my list when it comes to Korean Food.

The Korea House by Kim's Han Guk Kwan Korean Restaurant found at KJA Hotel in Alemeda Highway is now one with the Korea House Buffet in Caimito St. Corner Del Pilar St. Dayangdang, Naga City (effective July 23, 2018). For Buffet pics and details CLICK HERE

To compare, their price is somehow near Manna and Koreano Resto. Some dishes might be higher than the two other restaurants but driving to Almeda Highway and paying a little extra for the food is ALL WORTH IT. Now let me tell you why.

I love their Tofu Soup! I love mushrooms too! And look, you'll also have fun with the tissue, watch the magic happen. lol

Ingredients are FRESH! Twice a week there's a delivery from Manila of some of the veggies that are not available here in Naga like the Kutsai / Kuchai. The Kutsai is one of the side dishes and main ingredient in the fish pancake (center plate) as well as in the soup that we also ate. I might be getting old that I appreciate food now with less or even no preservatives, that's why I really love this new restaurant.

LEGIT and AUTHENTIC! Mr. Kim is very accommodating and entertaining, he will even shares the benefits of eating this and that plus adding up  a little more Korean food culture. And oh btw, the couple, Mr. Kim (legit Korean) and Bicolana wife Ma'am. Zhette, are so nice that it adds color to the restaurant, its a plus point actually. If they are not busy, you might be lucky that both of them might be personally assisting you to the point of teaching you how to eat like a Korean. Mr. Kim taught us how to prepare the Samgyeopsal  and it was so fun learning first hand from a real Korean. 

K-drama fans rejoice! Yeah they have it here as well.
Shabushabu costs P600 per person. Here's why I wouldn't mind paying for that price. Almost all side dishes are personally prepared by the owners, take note, not bought in groceries. Loved the Korean Cucumber, Dilis, Kutsai, Singkamas ahhh almost everything! Everything is fresh and healthy!

Here are some of their food and they still have more on the menu:
Haemul Ramyun at P180
Tteokbokki P250
Galmaegisal P350
Samgyeopsal P300
Samgyeopsal with seafood P350
Bibim Bap P200
Sundubu-jjigae P250
Japchae P250
Ramyun (spicy or mild spicy) P150
Fried Chicken Half P350

This soup was served after our meal. No seasonings were added, making it healthy and it somehow acts like a "pang tanggal umay" after a full meal. But if you feel like adding a few seasoning, you may, or better yet just add some of the side dishes that will complement the taste of the veggies. The mushrooms are for the win!

I just found out that even in Korea, they also have this practice of drinking coffee after having meals. Don't you just love it here?!

Fact: We never drank water the whole duration of our dinner (only after drinking coffee), according to my friend and I quote "Yung parang ayaw mo muna matanggal ung flavor sa mouth mo". But yeah seriously, we only realized that hey"dai pa kita nag iinom tubig oh!" after we were done eating. I think its because the freshness of the ingredients plus the manner of preparation that makes the food more to eat.

Don't ever be shy in asking questions from the owner on how to eat Korean food. You'll learn a lot from the very nice owners and at the same time, they will make you feel at home. You'll never get intimidated because they will let the food communicate to you. All these experiences from this restaurant, I am willing to come back and back for more.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kimshangukkwan/
Location: Caimito St. Corner Del Pilar St. Dayangdang, Naga City


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