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Monday, July 24, 2017

Review: Ford Everest 4x2 Titanium with Active Park Assist

Choosing a car is like finding a perfect match that would fit one's character and transportation needs.  If you're on the look out for a mid-size SUV, the all new Ford Everest can definitely be one your options. From the previous boxy and edgy SUV Everest, we have seen it transformed into a muscular SUV with a commanding presence on the road because of its huge front-grille.

This review is but quite limited, focusing only on a few feats from my Ford Island Conquest experience held last June 23-25, 2017 at SM City Naga. Thanks Ford Philippines for including Naga in your series. It was definitely a good way of getting to know your vehicles and most importantly your services to Bicolanos. 

Interior wise, cabin is awesome with nice leather seats plus techie infotainment features that you can seamlessly operate. Ford's Sync 3 has a unique feat where you can operate your entertainment hands-free. With the use of Sync, you can play your music, call someone too by just using your voice. Sync can also help you listen to your text messages. How cool is that?! Add up the sunroof for your countryside travels.

The Ford Everest is incredibly light to drive, has great suspension with amazing ground clearance plus water-wading capacity like any other midsize SUVs. With 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine it offers smooth acceleration with impressive power. When I drove the unit during the Ford Island Conquest I was really able to affirm its driving with ease and comfort and it actually feels like driving the smoothness of a sedan but with so much power in it having a 158hp and 385Nm, 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine. I could imagine driving the Everest at the Old Zig Zag Road in Atimonan Quezon, boy I bet the steep and winding roads would be an easy breezy for this SUV.

The 4x2 Titanium variant of the Ford Everest can park itself. We have first seen the Park Assist feat of Ford from their sedan line up, the Focus. Imagine a mid-size SUV parking on it's own, well almost, since you still have to follow instructions after finding a parking spot. It's actually a fun feat of Ford that can definitely assist those who cannot perfectly do PARALLEL PARKING. I have tested the Park Assist feat twice, one at night, with enough space in between two EcoSports and one during daytime where it was more challenging because the parking spot was lessened it terms of space.

All you have to do is follow instructions. Damn this tech is very clever!

Just look at the distance between the two cars. Perfect parallel parking!

Now if you are a newbie driver, it's a must that you be able to do parallel parking without the Active Park Assist feat, but again it's a fun technology that we can actually appreciate. It's really ingenious!

For a more detailed specs on the Ford Everest's performance, capabilities and others head over to the website HERE.

Until our next car review my fellow Bicolanos, let's see what we can drive next.

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