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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Battle of Cafes in Naga City

Due to the increasing number of cafes, I decided to visit one the other day. But before I say something the food I ordered. Here are a few thoughts regarding cafes in the city.

Finding the unique taste of every shop will stand out eventually after being compared to the others. Taste and preference will always be very subjective. Talking about coffee, I can honestly say that some of our local frappes, hot and iced coffees are actually tasting similar to one another and differs only in presentation. When asked "How's the coffee?" and if just I answer "kape", then your coffee is just like many others available in the city. 

It's a must for cafes to realize that patrons will come back if you have something in your menu that are not offered by others and you can proudly say that somehow you started it here in Naga and it's UNIQUELY YOURS. 

As an observation, these are the things that patrons usually consider when visiting cafes (hopefully I can find time to conduct a scientific study about this haha):
1. Good food and unique offerings
2. Affordability and value for money
3. Ambiance and "social media picture perfect / instagrammableness"

For owners, if you are innovative and creative in all those three areas, chances are you will last longer than those who gets stuck after reaching the comfortable state of earning what you are targeting to earn. When there's no more upgrading, you'll get stagnant and might end up like FRIENDSTER.


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