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Monday, June 27, 2016

Alternative Route to Bicol: Quezon Eco-Tourism Road

As a frequent traveler going to and fro Metro Manila, the usual route has been pain in the neck, legs and arms of drivers especially when you reach Southern Tagalog roads. While others have the luxury to travel by air, our family tradition going on a south road has been a luxury of time for us.

For decades, from being a passenger during my childhood years to earning my driver's license, I have seen different road conditions that you can ever imagine which can be tantamount to imperfection. But, it is in this sense of imperfection that we get to see the reality of our government and even politics. Beyond all these, we have the chance to enjoy the scenic view of southern Luzon. Exploring alternative routes and recently taking bypass roads like in Candelaria and Tiaong has been in the past years due to recent developments.

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Most of our roadtrips are motivated by family gatherings and since we have relatives all over Luzon, it's a good excuse to travel every year. I first heard of Quezon Eco-Tourism road from Inquirer's post HERE. With a trip in queue back in April 2016, we never had second thoughts of taking this alternative route mainly because, first, we love seeing new places and secondly, easing a little bit of traffic just to get in time to our destination is a must.

Below is my recorded dashcam video, southbound. Recorded by a Transcend DrivePro DP 220 at 720p. 

Alternative route going to Bicol staying away from San Pablo, Alaminos, Tiaong, Candelaria, Sariaya. (Video taken last May 1 when we were homebound to Naga). This route is different from the exsiting bypass roads in Candelaria and Tiaong.

From SLEX, go straight to Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (Star) Tollway and exit to Ibaan. Take San Juan then Rosario, Batangas road then turn right to the new Quezon Ecotourism Road. (Just put "Quezon Ecotourism Road" on Waze and everything is fairly easy, yup its accurate, don't worry.) Traverse through coconut plantations (my favorite part), farmlands of vegetables with signages of numerous resorts in Sariaya. Traffic here in Batangas towns are tolerable rather than Tiaong, Candelaria, Sariaya and even adding up San Pablo.

Please don't use image without permission. 

If you are northbound: After Lucena, turn left to Quezon Ecotourism Road, you will see a signage anyway. Then left to Rosario, San Juan, exit to Ibaan Star Tollway, then SLEX. The route is actually longer in a few kilometers, but considering the traffic in Sariaya, Candelaria, Tiaong and San Pablo, I'd take this route instead. We have experienced for so many times being stuck in San Pablo for more than an hour at around 2 in the afternoon, imagine the heat. Remember, it's not always traffic-free like in town centers for Rosario and San Juan, but again, I'll reiterate that it's tolerableCheck out the comments thread on that video on Facebook from fellow motorists for feedback and other suggestions.


  1. Pa naga po kami.first time namin bibiyahe ng malayo.may iba po bang daan para hindi na kmi dadaan sa zigzag road or ung sinasabi nilang bituka ng manok. Nakakatakoy kc..bagong driver lng asawa ko..pls reply po..from tagaytay po kami..

  2. use the diversion road instead the old zigzag road.

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