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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Getting a Car in Naga, Bicol

Getting a car in Naga and Bicol has been very convenient for us Bicolanos nowadays. With most of the showrooms located in Choose PILI, showroom hopping has never been this easy. (No wonder why the volume of cars is increasing here in Bicol)

It's the time of the year for us to scout for our next family car. We have options now, but the question is, who can offer the most competitive price 😁. 

One Saturday afternoon, we managed to visit at least 6 showrooms here in Naga and Pili such as Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet and Subaru. We still haven't checked out Suzuki Auto Naga Hyundai Naga City Hyundai - Naga City Branch and Mitsubishi Naga/Caleb Motor Corporation. 

Considering that our "choosing stage" usually takes a year just like with our existing car, we still have a few more months to go. Number one consideration is the budget and of course the use of the car so to speak. We are not rich, we just make sure to make ends meet comfortably. 

In just a matter of time, perhaps to TEST DRIVE them is a must and then share to you guys the best options that we can get as customers is something that I also envision (plus to tick off my bucket list in driving different kinds of cars lol 😂).
And so I guess, stay tuned on how everything will go in the next months to come.

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