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Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Challenge to Change - From Smoking to Triathlon

Naga City, Philippines - Did you know that June is declared as the National No-Smoking Month under the Presidential Proclamation No. 183, s. 1993? The government through the Department of Health and non-government organizations never ceases to campaign against smoking which is hazardous to the health of both the smokers and non-smokers. Taking it to the local perspective, Naga City also partakes in upholding this proclamation and other city ordinances for the benefit of the Naguenos. Let's hope they are being implemented well. 

Smoking as a habit starts as a choice. "Choices become actions, actions become habits, and habits become our character". If you choose to smoke, it can become your habit, and your habit becomes who you are, a smoker. I don't smoke, never tried it even once, but my father smokes and I have friends who does too. We non-smokers should play a role too in this advocacy.

A Challenge to Change. Smokers usually involve conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. There are people who smoke and at the same time know that it is hazardous to their health which might even lead to cancer but still they continue to smoke. The pleasure side always gives in. But are you up to the challenge to quit and change for the better?

#WhereItAllBegan to quit smoking. There are a lot of means in order to combat smoking. With a resounding yes, Kevin Tiambeng, a local celebrity athlete competing in the upcoming Challenge CamSur on June 13, was able to kill his habit of smoking. Triathlon in particular has made Kevin physically fit, kept him sharp, goal-oriented, pushed his limits and overcome his fears. By joining triathlon events, Kevin was able to challenge himself to defeat smoking. Training in this sport is #WhereItAllBegan for him to stop smoking and continue contributing to society by organizing and joining sports events. It is in his own little way that he is able to inspire others to be productive citizens rather than just being smokers. You can also be productive even if you are a smoker, but you are definitely not as healthy as a non-smoker or someone who gave it up.

Kevin Tiambeng with Local Elite Triathlete
Andreco Primero and Challenge CamSur
 Race Director Jumbo Tayag.

Quitting to smoke starts with a choice. If smoking started as a choice, there's no other way to quit than to choose firmly to quit. Taking it step by step, how little it may be to battle the addiction is a sign of courage especially if the support group is strong. It's easier said than done but progress is progress. 

The best part of quitting to smoke is reclaiming a healthier lifestyle plus earning the bragging rights for having successfully defeated smoking. Let us not forget that you can now be an instrument of change to other people just like Kevin Tiambeng.

Watch Kevin and other triathletes push their limits in the Challenge CamSur next week. Get ready for the fastest and hottest course in the Philippines and one of the fastest in Asia with #ChallengeCamsur! If you are an athlete you can still join the Sprint Category (1km swim, 30km bike, 6km run) on June 13. Registration is extended until June 11. You may register HERE.


To know more of Challenge Family, please visit: www.challenge-family.com.


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