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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Enkanto Falls at Bikal, Libmanan, Cam. Sur

By Kookai Sabareza 

My first visit here was way back 1995 or 1996? It was sooo 90s I can't even remember and the most recent was this April.
But let me tell you a story or maybe a myth about this place.

As long as I can remember back in the 90s this was already popular. Many locals have been flocking the area for it's enchanting view and I heard that it all changed when the water pouring from the falls suddenly vanished. Completely did not disappear but little water was rushing out. I even went there sometime in 2006 and saw how the place dramatically changed. Some said that the "Diwata" or Fairy of the Falls got angry when visitors have been abusing the area. And as I was investigating further, a personnel from the DENR-CENRO Office of Sipocot said that the top of the area was deforested so there there were no trees to catch, store and maintain the flowing water. Whatever mystery or science happened to that place, its now being revived as a tourist destination.

Thirty to forty five minutes away from Naga City, Enkanto Falls is located at Bikal, Libmanan, Camarines Sur. A sign showing where the area is, can be found at the left side of the national road (if you're from Naga) and also requires a 12 minute walk to the falls.

Signs are everywhere so you will not be lost!


Tired of walking? a resting area awaits you once you have entered the gate where you will pay PhP 5.00 per visitor. Also there is a pool (part of a river where water is calm and sometimes deep) zone beside this area and cottages for rent are also situated here.

Another 3-5 minutes and you will be enchanted with this sight. Waters were cool perfect for hot summer weathers, but be warned for they are too shallow for canon ball jumps. Either, you can always find ways to enjoy and have some fun.

But you ain't see nothing yet. Series of rock formations were unlimited (or maybe until at the top), you just have to take some patience, guts and get your adventure persona on to get there.

A little trekking goes a long way and more exciting sights will come; be prepared for additional challenges. All your wearies will be paid off and I guarantee that. Every angle is picturesque and can I say Instagramable??? 

Swimming and sight seeing were only the beginning for caving and spelunking were also offered and promoted by the LGU-Libmanan Tourism Office. Maybe with the help of professionals and tour guides this will be developed as an eco-tourism site.

A friendly reminder for local and foreign tourists, please be responsible with your actions especially with your trash.

 So before this summer ends, visit Enkanto Falls and be enchanted.


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