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Monday, January 5, 2015

19th AcadFest: “Withstanding the Wave: The Youth Response to Mitigating Calamity Risks and Optimizing Resources.”

19th UP Harong Academic Festival

    Born after typhoon Rosing ravaged our beloved region in November 1995, the University of the Philippines Harong (UP Harong), for almost two decades now, has served as an avenue for Bikolano UP Diliman students coming from the province of Camarines Sur and the cities of Naga and Iriga to give back to their mother province, as well as maintaining organizational solidarity among Bikolano students in the University. 

On the Activity: Instilling Disaster Preparedness in the Bikolano Youth

    Primarily, our advocacy has taken the form of holding our annual flagship project, the Academic Festival(or AcadFest, as it is popularly known) which aims to contribute to social and academic development among the Bikolano youth. It is the single biggest educational endeavor ever created by any youth organization in Camarines Sur. For the past nineteen years, it has served as a training ground for the Bikolano youth where they are empowered to further mold their talents and potentials.

      In the light of the recent calamities that befell our nation and our region, UP Harong’s 19thAcadFest seeks to instill in the Bikolano youth the value of giving back to the homeland that nursed our infancy and being prepared for the natural calamities that may happen—the very circumstances in which our Organization was born. Hence the theme: “Withstanding the Wave: The Youth Response to Mitigating Calamity Risks and Optimizing Resources.”

On the Theme: Withstanding the Wave

For us Bikolanos, natural calamities have mostly defined our history as a people, with the frequent typhoons and volcanic eruptions, making resilience a regional trait. The relative frequency of such disasters even led one commentator to exclaim that with Bikol, with its kind people and rich land, the Almighty had to invent these natural disasters “to even things up.” With the prospect of a looming ecological crisis and climate change affecting our planet, one can say that the advocacy for maintaining an active role in withstanding this wave would be of crucial importance.

This year’s AcadFest is precisely anchored on this remarkable sturdy character of the Bikolano, and the youth’s role in actively promoting the mitigation of risks and being prepared for these calamities in the future 

On the Events: Adopting an Attitude of Awareness

       UP Harong’s 19th Academic Festival will be held at the Camarines Sur Capitol Convention Center, Pili, Camarines Sur, from 7-10 January 2015.

   The individual events comprising this year’s AcadFest include: the 19th Tingogninrason Debate Tournament;the 17th BoseskanJovenes Public Speaking Contest;the 13th HarongninDunong Quiz Bee;the 12th Sural Essay Writing Competition;the 11th GayonBikolnon Poster Making Contest;the 7th LadawanninKabikolan Photojournalism Contest;the 5th IstoryangSuanoyCompetition; Gala Night; and the 2nd HerassaBanwaan Radio Broadcasting Tournament -- by John Carlo M. Navera, 3rd Year B Library Information Science  


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