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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shop at Lazada 12/12 Online Revolution via NagaCityDeck

As you all know, I am always using my phone for photos being posted on the Facebook page and here on the blog whenever there are updates, restaurant reviews, travel photos and recent events. Quality and beauty of the captured "Naga moments" are always limited and sacrificed. 

It has been always my wish to give you clearer and better images. I do have certain annual fees to pay too for the domain of the blog but serving my fellow NagueƱos/Bicolanos is always worthy every cent of it. 

If you believe in nagacitydeck.com's advocacy, a little help from you will be VERY much appreciated. How? In case you will shop online for Christmas presents, your purchases via MY LINKS will give me a little earning for me to save up for a decent camera. It's not much, but it is a great help. Make sure you click on the links for your purchases so that your transactions will be reflected on my account. 

Home appliances & living: http://ho.lazada.com.ph/SH4z9w

Today until December 12, Lazada Philippines has great great discounts to offer you! So hurry! 12/12 Revolution starts today up to 85% discount on home appliances & home living, electronics, smartphones, etc! 
Home appliances & living: http://ho.lazada.com.ph/SH4z9w


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