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Monday, September 8, 2014

SM Youth Visits Naga this Peñafrancia Festival 2014

All roads lead to Naga City, Camarines Sur this September. The SM Youth crew is visiting one of the biggest and most popular festivals in the Philippines, our very own Peñafrancia Festival.

CLICK HERE for the Peñafrancia Festival 2014 Schedule of Events

SM Youth Loves A-Fash!

SM Youth caters to the fashion and culture of the young generation today. They carry the lifestyle brands Tee Culture, Markus, Tank, Character Tees, Tribal, Jag Thug, Lee Pipes, Ego Jeans, Fubu, Fresh Gear, Dickies Tykes, Vans, Bum, BNY, Zoo York and many more. All available at the the SM Store.

SM Youth Twitter and Instagram: @SM_Youth

Together with SM Youth is Naga's very own fashion bloggers group called A-Fash. Yes, Naga is teeming with creative and young fashionistas who are unique in their own little ways and it's high time for them to shine bright in Naga and Bicol's fashion industry. I'm proud and lucky to have met the person who pioneered this awesome group in the name of Jamie Lou Borile of www.spotlightonjamie.com. This young girl does not only speak her mind and is more than the person who knows how to mix and match apparels and accessories but rather possesses the right attitude cultivating her passion. Very adorable and sophisticated, Jamie was able to live up to her passion and pioneering a group of people with the same passion as hers is recognizing others' talents and creativity. I'm sure all the other members of A-Fash are worth the recognition too. The "A" in A-Fash may have started in the Ateneo but they have created a Fash-A "Fashion Aura" in Naga reinventing the youth's culture in a fashionable way. 

A-Fash is a fashion group/community in Ateneo de Naga University that exists in the goal of uniting the “fashionistas” in the university. Founded on June 10, 2012. Its objective is to serve as a support group of fashionistas in the university; help its members with their fashion dilemmas; and make them improve, go outside their comfort zones and grow as a fashionista.  It also encourages its members into fashion blogging and/or being active on their online fashion platforms. It aims to make other people realize that every day is an opportunity to dress-up and look good. Inspire people. That’s our vision. To be a start of a more fashionable world. Aside from enjoying being a fashionista, A-Fash also aims to be available commercially (i.e. collaborating with brands, events, etc. with commission or plain exposure). A-Fash stands for Ateneo Fashionistas. Not really a school organization, just a community of people sharing the same passion for fashion.

So What are you waiting for? A really cool SM Youth Bus will be at the SM City Naga to wait for you from September 12 until September 21. On September 19 from 4PM onwards, hang out with A-Fash and be part of their fashion consultation featuring the latest shirts from Tee Culture. Mark you calenders!

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