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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pinyasan Festival 2014 Schedule of Activities

Daet's Pinayasan Festival 2014 now on its 22nd year!
June 15-24, 2014

#Daet #DaetOnTheDot

Date in Daet 2014 Series
Below are the links to how I saw and experienced Daet. 

Source: camnortenews.com

June 15, 2014 Sunday

7:00am Mass and Floral Offering Thanksgiving (Rizal Monument Ground)

8:00am Pinyasan 2014 Opening Program (Heritage Center Ground)

9:00am Opening of Bahay Anihan Agro Fair

1:00pm Pinyasan Dog Show (CN Agro Sports Center)

2:00pm Opening Parade with Government Agencies/ Military and Schools, Best Marching Band and Best Marching CAT Competiton (Central Plaza Mall to Eco Athletic Field)

June 16, 2014 Monday

8:00am Flag Raising Ceremony and Presentation of Candidates for Miss Pinyasan 2014 (Daet Municipal Hall Complex)

9:00am Blessing and Inauguration of Pinyasan Fountain (Daet Eleveted Plaza)

3:00pm Pinyasan Photo and Art Exhibit Society of Art Enthusiast Workshop (Daet Municipal Hall Lobby)

June 17, 2014 Tuesday

7:00am Pinyasan Padyak Race (Bagasbas Beach to Central Plaza Mall Complex)

8:00am Cooperative Summit (Daet Heritage Center)

8:00am GK Pinyasan Build (GK Pinyasan Village)

9:30am Pinyasan Food Fair (Central Plaza Mall Atrium)

1:00pm Pinyasan Cookfest (Central Plaza Mall Atrium)

5:00pm Awarding of Best Pinyasan Souvenir Item Award

June 18, 2014 Wednesday

1:00pm Pinyasan Little Angels (Central Plaza Atrium)

2:00pm Kasalang Bayan sa Pinyasan (Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia Parish)

5:00pm Pinyasan Got Talent (Daet Central Plaza Terminal)

7:00pm Dangal ng Daet Awards (Daet Heritage Center)

June 19, 2014 Thursday

9:00am Pinyasan DRR Olypics (Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation)

10:00am Pinyasan Job Fair (Central Plaza Mall Atrium)

10:00am Pineapple Peeling Contest (Central Plaza Mall Atrium)

2:00pm Pinyasan Float Competition and Pinya Carafest (Eco Athletic Field to Central Plaza Mall)

4:00pm Pinyasan Ginuman Fest (Eco Athletic Field)

June 20, 2014 Friday

8:00am 6th Daet On The Go Pinyasan National Dart Tournament (Calaguas Gateway Hotel)

10:00am Pinyasan Job Fair (Central Plaza Mall Atrium)

2:00pm Inter Barangay Basketball Tournament ( Opening Ceremonies of METRO DAET CUP)

7:00pm Miss Pinyasan 2014 Beauty Pageant (CN Agro Sports Center)

June 21, 2014 Saturday

8:00am Pintahan sa Pinyasan (Tattoo Competition) Bagasbas Aquamarine Park

8:00am 6th Daet On The Go Pinyasan National Dart Tournament (Calaguas Gateway Hotel)

9:00am Opening of Bikol Cities and Municipalities Sharing in Good Governance (Pineapple Island Resort)

1:00pm Pinyasan Street Dancing Competition and Fireworks Display (Central Plaza Mall to Eco Athletic Field)

7:00pm Pinyasan Star Express (Eco Athletic Field/ CN Agro Sports Complex)

June 22, 2014 Sunday

5:00am Pinyasan Fun Run (Daet Heritage to Bagasbas Beach)

7:00am Horse Racing Competition (Eco Athletic Field)

7:00am Pinyasan Strong Man Competition (Bagasbas Life Guard Station)

8:00am 6th Daet On The Go Pinyasan National Dart Tournament (Calaguas Gateway Hotel)

8:00am Ricky Lee Script Writing Workshop (Daet Heritage Center)

8:00am Laro nag Lahi (Bagasbas Beach)

7:00pm Barabgay Night and Awarding of Ten Outstanding Tricycle Drivers of Daet (CN Agro Sports Complex)

June 23, 2014 Monday

8:00am Flag Ceremony and Awarding of Pinyasan Garden Competition (Daet Municipal Hall Grounds)

8:30am Balik Tanaw sa Pinyasan (The Pinyasan 2014 Recap)

1:00pm Pinya Kulinarya ( Central Plaza Mall Atrium)

7:00pm Bikol Dance Sports (CN Agro Sports Complex)

June 24, 2014 Tuesday

9:00am Pontificail Mass in Honor of Saint John the Baptist (Parish of Saint John the Baptist)


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  2. Congrats daet. Uragon hot radio joins the entire community of dart in the celebration of the 22nd Pinyasan Festival.