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Monday, December 30, 2013

Parkour Naga

What is Parkour? When you Google its meaning, this is what you'll get..
..the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing.
According to other websites, another term used for Parkour is "free running". Now if you have seen people doing Parkour we might associate it with break dancing, hip hop, free styling and the like due to movement similarities perhaps.

Take a look how they do it...

Did you know that we have a group of youngsters here in Naga who has passion for Parkour? The social media is indeed a tool for us to see what people nowadays are engaged in. Think about this, the youth involved with Parkour is a better way for them to stay away from vices and drugs. Parkour may be considered as an art which in turn is also subjective. But what matters most is one's passion for activities that can be worthwhile and can build up a persons confidence. As long as these kids know how to prioritize things at their young age while doing Parkour, this will always be beneficial. I hope parents of these youngsters will be able to guide them properly while they are having fun with Parkour.

With their Facebook page Parkour Naga (don't forget to like and check out the page), little by little this emerging passion of these youngsters can help them be connected to international groups and who knows they might give honor to our city one day. So if you happen to have the same interest as these youngsters, you can message them on their Facebook Page to stay connected.

Remember guys, sabi nga sa Karate Kid "too much of good stuff is bad stuff". Have fun but still keeping an eye on your goals in life. Thank you for sharing your talent to our fellow kababayans.

Keep the fire burning and keep safe Parkour Naga!


  1. I am happy that young people prefer sports instead of drugs and alcohol, even if this sport is extreme. I try to be in a trend and besides cheap essay writing service which I've found I want to open a training camp for active youth.