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Thursday, October 24, 2013


 is a clothing line specially designed for women to embrace and accentuate their best features. Our products are creatively made to be affordable yet still with a fashionable twist!

ESTELA comes from the word "STAR" as we aim to make every woman feel like one!

Their debut collection SWITCH offers customers a fresh take on reversible, fashion-forward yet affordable clothing tailor-fit for all types of women.

Why is Estela here on Naga City Deck? Just for three reasons.

First and foremost, three (Arian, Joyce, Prinz) of these young entrepreneurs are Naguenas. You guys know how we value the "Naga in nature" thing right? Estela deserves to be heard and seen, most importantly...soon to be worn by many. 

Secondly, we are promoting local brands that would help us appreciate what we Bicolanos can do. The fashion industry in the runway of Naga has been noticeable. Fashion shows on every event center for the past years both featured Bicolano brands/designers and the capacity of Bicolanos and Bicolanas to shine as models on the runway. Through brands like Estela, we are not just being practical of saving lots of pesos compared to overpriced brands that are of pretty much the same quality that you can get from Estela. 

And the third reason? We want our fellow Bicolanas especially Naguenas to feel like a star and Estela can achieve that. 

So there, happy shopping ladies! And gents you might see something good for your girl friends! 

Don't forget to like them on Facebook for updates https://www.facebook.com/esteladotph.
Shop here! http://estela.ph/ 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/esteladotph/info
Ariane Palomares-Garcia

An enterpreneur-at-heart, Ariane's brainchild Shoeology, Inc. was launched last 2010 focusing on the revival of the classic oxford shoes. This rapidly created a buzz for fashionistas young and old. Her long-time passion for fashion continues to shine through with ESTELA her aesthetic is inspired from her fun-loving, colorful and whimsical personality. She believes that every person should dress for comfort with styles that are simply timeless. Behind the curtain, Ariane is a wonderful supermom to Alessandro and a devoted wife to a start up entrepreneur, Raph.

Paula Beredo-Bernardo

Paula is a corporate jet setter by profession and have conquered the world as far as the Turkish regions. Aside from clothes, this travel-junkie's passion also includes shoes and bags. Bubbly and creative, her take on fashion is a perfect fusion between classic and modern styles. Offline, Paula is your typical stylish girly-girl always there to have fun and see the world.

Prinz Villafania

Prinz as she is fondly called by many, flies high as one of the gorgeous Membership Specialists of a renowned Airline company. But on her rest days, she's a busy-body of a budding entrepreneur with a knack for travelling. Prinz's aesthetic is spot-on Simple, Classy and Practical.

Note: MARRY ME, FLY FREE is an on-going initiative and promo. You may want to follow her at instagram @purplestarprinz for more information.

Joyce Villabroza

Joyce was born and raised in Bicol and moved to the concrete jungle of Manila where she landed a corporate position in the IT industry. Off the four corners of her cubicle, she pursues her passion for blogging and writing. A music and pop-culture enthusiast, Joyce's quirky personality inspires her sense of fashion that is a mix of eccentric, unique and geek chic.



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