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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alay Lakad to Amang Hinulid

Every Maundy Thursday of the Holy Week, thousands of Pilgrims walk together from Naga City to Calabanga where Amang Hinulid lays. Upon arriving near the chapel, one has the option whether to stay and follow the queue just to personally touch the image. The line is long, very long.

CLICK HERE for Guide to The Village at San Bernardino, Calabanga

The distance from Naga City going to Calabanga is about 11 kilometers. Why does this journey differ from a fun walk or fun run? Well it should be different since this is like a "panata" or sort of a promise for people who believe in the miracle of Amang Hinulid. Grieving during the Holy Week or remembering Jesus' suffering is depicted by some who with all their might and strength walk from Naga to Calabanga, some even in barefoot.

The towns you'll be passing by are: Canaman, Magarao, Bombon, then Calabanga. 

I have only walked once going to Calabanga and it was a few years ago. It was an unforgettable experience both for my faith and literally for my physical endurance. My patience was tested and my endurance was surprisingly there even though there were no warm ups or other physical activities that can prepare me a day before. Waking up in the morning after that long walk with body aches all over is part of the experience.

Here are a few reminders for the alay lakad..
  1. Bring enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Candies perhaps to keep you alert. It's not a picnic. 
  2. Stop whenever you feel like you need to. Amang Hinulid will be there to wait. Wala namang medal ang first 10 finishers. No need to rush. Nandyan lang ang Calabanga pwede ka pa bumalik sa ibang araw kung 'di mo na kaya.
  3. If you are not physically fit for an 11-kilometer walk, don't force yourself. Make sure you have the energy to walk. There are other ways of how you can have a meaningful holy week.
  4. You are not going to a party, so dress simple.  We are talking about the clothes and accessories here. Ladies..do not wear high heeled shoes or sandals or even sexy outfits, we know you want to express yourselves with the latest fashion, but remember how Jesus and His followers dress up. Dress something light and comfortable enough. Don't wear jewelries baka ma snatchan ka pa. 
  5. Don't treat the Alay Lakad as a date with your partner. It's nice that you are with your bf/gf pero nagpaalam ba kayo sa mga magulang niyo lalo na sa mga minor?? Avoid or do not be an example of public display of affection. You have the rest of the year to show it to everyone.
  6. Stay close with your friends / companions. Always stay together para walang mawala. It's nice you are with your friends, PERO huwag makipag chismisan. Huwag pag usapan ang mga nakikitang di naayon sa paningin nyo na nasa number 4 at 5.
  7. It will be nicer if you are with your family. Remember the saying, "A family that prays together stays together"
  8. Bring your cellphone and have enough money for emergency purposes. A sling bag or body bag would be good bringing only what is necessary. Pero wag mag show off. Wag mag check-in ng mag check-in kung nasaan ka na. At higit sa lahat, iwasan ang mag Facebook, Twitter at kung ano ano pang social networks. Hindi kelangan ng madlang pipol na malaman na natipilok ka o dahil nakita mo si crush mo.
  9. Remember your purpose of joining the Alay Lakad. Who are you walking for and why are you walking.
  10. PRAY. Pangadyi asin penitensya bago ang selfie saka groufie. Pray for yourself and pray for others.
Dakol pa pong pwedeng mairemind sa mga tugang ta na ma alay lakad, magdagdag nalang po kamo. :)

Our expressions of faith may differ, but we have one same goal which is to remember how Jesus sacrificed for our sins and for us to be closer to God.

Have a meaningful Holy Week fellow Naguenos and Bicolanos!


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