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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Starbucks 2013 Planner

Dec. 18, 2012, is the day that I finally got my planner. This is my third year of having myself pampered with one of my comfort foods/drinks...coffee.

I rarely use the planner to write down my future plans on the next days, weeks, or months to come. Most of the time it serves as my daily journal on what i have accomplished in a day, no matter how grand or simple they may be.

I still have my 2011 on my office table along with my 2012 book. I rarely write plans, I write about the present and these books/journals serves as my time travel portal to the past.

I always make sure I get to keep one planner for my self, both for work and blogging purposes. Last 2010 I was able to get two 2011s and gave the other one to my mom. Last year, I managed to get 3 2012s, so I gave the other two as gifts as well. For this year, well it took me quite some time to finish one card. So bahala na if I'll be able to get one more.

Comparing the three, the 2011 is still the biggest, making the 2012 the smallest among the three. The 2011 Velvet Planner was amongst my favorite, but I think the 2013 will surpass it. Content-wise the 2013 planner is a bit more personal and designed for the optimum social interaction with others up until the promo cards. This means that this will be more meaningful especially for my type of personality. Plus, the hard cover of the planner is re-usable. The 2012 planner earned a lot of criticisms. Even I had major setbacks about it which resulted to seldom usage of the planner. The only thing unique about it was the case or pouch.

Now sign like a boss! 

Now the pen is something different this year. The pen's regular price is P295, but you can get it for P195 upon claiming your planner. The pen is actually a very nice gift suggestion especially for working people. The box is inclusive of two refills, so the price is actually reasonable.

It's not really about the brand of the planner that matters but how you use it to write about what you did, what you are doing and what you want to do. Perhaps these will all help in making a better you along with a cup of coffee alone or with your family or friends. Cheers to 2012 and 2013!


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