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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Films Enabling the Nation Screened in Cebu

14 November 2012
Media Contact: Danielle Aballe 09176326567
(DISCLAIMER: Any opinions written in this post are Dakila Philippines' own and do not reflect the viewpoint of any other Naga City Deck and/or NCD Contributor)
Active Vista Film Festival Celebrates National Deaf Awareness Week
The Active Vista Human Rights Film Festival commemorated the National Deaf Awareness Week with the screening of 4 short films that deal with issues of the deaf at the Cebu Public Library last March 14.
In partnership with the Gualandi Volunteer Services Program and the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines in Cebu, Dakila presented the short films Feeling the Faith by Paul Halili and Alan Obenza, Kubli by Dr. Liza Martinez, Abot Kamay by Victor Villanueva and River of Dreams by Mike Dagnalan.
According to Danielle Aballe of the Dakila Artists Collective in Cebu, “We hope that by showing films that give respect, empowerment and understanding to the disabled, every Filipino, despite impairments, be able to fulfill their social responsibilities towards a fully-abled nation.”
The screening was also the premiere of two short films that won production grants from the festival’s Hasik Advocacy Filmmaking Program and are now in competition with 10 other advocacy films for the ALAB awards of the Festival. Kubli, made by Dra. Liza Martinez, is a story of a deaf rape victim, Bel, who is raped by her father and struggles to prove him guilty in a court with no sign language interpreters. Abot Kamay by Cebuano filmmaker, Victor Villanueva, is a story of a deaf girl who wants to become an actress despite her disability.
Dr. Liza Martinez is one of the most prominent advocates and staunch defenders of PWD rights in the Philippines while Victor Villanueva is a filmmaker more known for his romantic-comedy films such as the independent film hit, “My Paranormal Romance”.  “Kubli” is Dr. Liza’s first attempt in filmmaking while “Abot Kamay” is Victor’s first engagement in advocacy filmmaking.


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