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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Museo Arqueologico at the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary

Museo Arqueologico and Museo Ecclesiastico
at the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary

Entrance Free:
Students: Php 10.00
Adults: Php 20.00
CLICK HERE for photos of Museo Ecclesiastico

Tour around Bicol's past through Museo Arqueologico which is just right beside Museo Ecclesiastico. 
Photo by Bong Bajo
Source: Arts, Cutlture, & Tourism Office Facebook

There are lots of artifacts inside this room. I think our ancestor were business minded back then, with lots of artifacts just like during the empires of China. Which goes to show that there already exists barter trades centuries ago. This is your pictures from your history books in real life, for sure you'll be able to appreciate the subject. 

This is a very controversial burial jar which was contested by some historians.

Let Ma'am Arejalo explain the figures on top of the jar. It really portrays Ibalong's history. According to her, Ibalong pertains to the whole Bicolandia.

At the Museo Arqueologico
Ang mga Bicolano kadtong mga inot na panahon

You can see crocodiles here, sun worship, offerings and the like. 

You'll have to visit the place, see to appreciate Bicolandias history. Like me, I was able to appreciate more my Bicolano blood in me. 

Just in case you missed our post about Museo Ecclesiastico..  just CLICK HERE for a sneak peak


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