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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sir Lancelot Cafe and Restaurant

Who is your knight in shining armor? Do you have one? Well probably in Naga, it might not just be a person in your life but also a cafe and restaurant.

The new restaurant in town is named after one of King Arthur's first and greatest legendary Knights, Sir Lancelot. The movie "First Knight" is one of my favorites when it comes to King Arthur's life and Lancelot's as well. Who could ever forget the love triangle of Richard Gere as Sir Lancelot, the great Sir Sean Connery as King Arthur and Julia Ormond as Guenevere.

I asked one of the crew members as to why they named the restaurant after Sir Lancelot, well the very honest answer that I got was "the owner wanted it that way" lol. Maybe I should have asked the owner herself, perhaps next time.

LOCATION: Mayon Avenue, Naga City. Very Near Triboo Grill Mayon Avenue Branch.

THE PLACE: The place itself looks English from the outside. There's a veranda on the second floor, and is very photogenic from the outside especially during a dusky atmosphere right after sunset.

Once you enter the main door of the restaurant, the bar and reception area is right in front of you and a staircase as you turn right is exactly near the doorstep as access to the second floor.  Most of the seats I believe are located on the second floor. The whole second floor is divided into two. The place is very ideal for small group meetings, family occasions and not to mention that it has as an impression of exclusivity, in other words, you can bring your dates here and enjoy quiet moments while eating delicious food. :)
Main entrance

At the veranda

At the second floor. There's not much to see, it's simple with a few wood crafts and displays. The place has an ambient lighting.

Stairs going down, is an access for the crew towards the cashier or kitchen

Since it's two floors and with partitions, if ever you need something, just ring the bell. 

THE FOOD: Sir Lancelot Cafe and Restaurant is an advocate of "no msg" in cooking, this is a plus point for me as I was also raised with the same kind of cooking. The menu offers a variety of choices from appetizers, pasta, entree like pork, chicken, and beef, desserts, coffee, etc. This means there's a lot to try.

Avocado Shake

The spaghetti is one of a kind!! It has a different recipe  than that of the classic spaghetti. Definitely it has a distinct taste and flavor. It's a must try. 

Chicken Pesto

BUDGET: Around 120 to 250 pesos per person. Just like any other restaurants, I believe healthy cooking require a little extra from our budget. Serving might look a little small but the taste of the food is really good. 

There you have it, Sir Lancelot will be waiting for you!


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