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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

E-Cosplay 2012

E-Cosplay 2012
by the Naga City Youth Officials 2012
May 18, 2012

Registration Forms are available at the Naga City Hall


General Guidelines:

1. The contest is open to all interested individuals with age ranging from 8-24 years old only.
2. Each participant will imitate a distinguished anime character and will prepare a soft copy picture of the character they’re going to portray for viewing purposes.
3. The materials to be used for the Costume will be any of the following indigenous materials:

a. Newspapers and other paper-related materials
b. Plastics
c. Tin Cans
d. Wires
e. Dry leaves or twigs
f. Shells and pebbles
g. Coconut shells
h. Styrofoam
i. Old Compact Disks (CD’s)
j. Used electronic parts
k. Rubber Tires
l. and others

4. The participants may use additional art materials like paints, crepe papers and ribbons to accentuate their costume.
5. All participants are encouraged to prepare a one line greeting that will express their environmental advocacy.
6. To determine the winners, the Committee-in-charge will use this criteria for judging:

Presentation: - 35%
a. Representation of your costume to the character design.
b. Skill in scale and body fit adaptation.
Overall Construction: - 45%
a. Use of materials, construction methods and durability.
b. Use of innovative methods and applications.
Craftsmanship: -20%
a. Workmanship of fine detailed components.
b. Workmanship of costume inner workings and components.
TOTAL - 100%

7. The winners will have the following prizes:
1st PRIZE- PHP 3, 000 + Certificate
2nd PRIZE- PHP 2, 000 + Certificate
3rd PRIZE- PHP 1, 000 + Certificate
Consolation- Certificate of Participation

8. The decision of the board of judges is final and irrevocable. — with Danilyn Padillo Lucio and 2 others.


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