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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A semi-alfresco at VCH

Situated along Magsaysay Avenue is Villa Caceres Hotel (VCH) ,  not some typically seen hotel in the city. It's wonderfully made just for anyone with a good taste and a good reason to stay,say, overnight or a long weekend probably for business, vacation purposes or like mine, just another day as a loyal companion to my partner.

  My favorite hotel freebies. I love that I get to have 2 kinds of newspapers to read and take home in a day, shower cap and disposable slippers as other hotels don't provide initially, very professional transaction --official receipts with statement of account slipped in an envelope, very neat hotel room (ours was a standard double room where a coffee set is readily provided along with other usual amenities), security measures like a safety vault (only to imagine gold bars in my possession) and a card-operated door lock (it may have to do with the fact that keys are easily duplicated and a little inconvenient to carry). 

From where I am sitting - right in the middle interior of Villa Caceres Hotel (VCH) where sunny rays peeping from the small opening above me. To my right is a hallway leading to the pool area where I could almost feel the summer shores of  Caramoan -- Oh Lord, pls take me there,  given that  water splashing as eager kids learn to swim with careful mommies and a dedicated swimming instructor-trainer watching by. I should have brought my swimsuit if I knew I was to be checking in   at Villa Caceres Hotel (VCH), once a one-wing small hotel and now a renovated somewhat Victorian part-Arabic-themed hotel with standard higher than most hotels in the locale. 

Salad on the side for a typical Pinoy appetite.  If only my gastric linings could talk, I'd definitely have another of this simple veggie salad to satisfy my Saturday morning craving. This is after I wolfed down two servings of miki bihon, beefsteak, chicken adobo, and 2 slices of bread with butter, chewy cheddar cheese, and sweet pineapple jam.  This is definitely not a Scandinavian diet to reckon with but what a special complimentary breakfast experience for a tourist checking in at Villa Caceres Hotel (VCH)-- in many instances I sort of considered myself a tourist to my native Naga like this particular day. Thanks to my Hotel-loving partner, Mx. =P 

Pinoy-style smorgasbord. A well-prepared buffet, classic jazz music in the background, alfresco ambience and courteous crew.

What could be better than this? A typical Saturday morning turned out into a vagabond's dream breakfast  a semi-alfresco at Villa Caceres Hotel (VCH), a neighborhood quality hotel. =)


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