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Monday, October 17, 2011

Island Rock Show 7: Alon at Agos feat. Alibata

Wharf Galley Rock Cafe (Avenue Square)
Saturday, October 22 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Island Rock Entertainment, in cooperation with Kalye Musika, i-amtv, Sari Sari Sounds and Wharf Galley Rock Cafe presents

The Island Rock Show 7: Alon at Agos feat. Alibata
with guest performances by Coffee & Cream, Pennies 4 Jane & The Doldrums

The Island Rock Show is a series of concerts that celebrates only the very best of independent music.

This seventh show is entitled 'The Island Rock Show 7: Alon at Agos' and will feature the Filipino rock band Alibata.

The title of the show was taken from the carrier single by Alibata, which will be part of their repertoire for that night.

'Alon at Agos' is a tagalog phrase which means "Wave & Flow". This show promotes environmental vigilance and reminds us that art does not exist in a vacuum. It should always be a reflection of the realities we face and the ways we choose to respond to them.

IRE shares in this advocacy and promotes environmental responsibility alongside artistic prowess and professionalism.

For IRS7 we move our focus to Bicol, where the music carries a little bit more bang and spice than we're used to. Watch out for some of the very best bands in Bicol that night on The Island Rock Show.

The Island Rock Show 7: Alon at Agos will happen on October 22, 2011 at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe, Naga City, in the Philippine Islands.

Our partners for this event are:
1. Bandstand Philippines
2. Indie Pinoy
3. Radio Pilipinas
4. Magna Kultura Foundation
5. Agimat Music
6. IndieJam
7. Pinoy Rock Central
8. Sari Sari Sounds
9. Joko Jun Radio
10. 1318 Music Recording Studio
11. Kalye Musika
12. The Independent Asian Music Television (i-amtv)

The Island Rock Show. It's an experience.

Source: The Island Rock Show 7 Event Page on Facebook


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