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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

UP Harong: AcadFest 2011

UP Harong 

AcadFest 2011
Living in Multiplicity: The Bikolano Youth as Advocate of Peace and Understanding

October  26 - 29, 2011
@ Naga College Foundation 
Penafrancia Avenue Naga City
and @ SM City Naga

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The Academic Festival is a prestigious event hosted by UP HARONG, an organization of UP Diliman students coming from the province of Camarines Sur. Since 1996, it has served as a haven for intellectual exchange, meaningful exploits, and openhanded discourse. 

Acadfest caters to high school students in Camarines Sur and Cities of Naga and Iriga. It shall be composed of a series of contests: 15th Tingog nin Rason Debate Tournament, 13th Boses Kan Jovenes Public Speaking Contest, 9th Harong nin Dunong Quiz Bee, 8th Sural Essay Writing Contest, 7th Gayon Bikolnon Poster-Making Contest, 3nd Ladawan kan Kabikolan Photojournalism Contest and the 1st Istoryang Suanoy Contest. 

Living in Multiplicity 

Throughout the course of history, people have sought ways to attain peace that is lasting and just. Theories and philosophies have clashed and fought on the in-tellectual battlefield, pitting the best minds against each other in this grand conversa-tion that is the history of ideas, in pursuit of ideals like Truth, Justice, and Peace. 

On the level of the mundane, however, wars have been waged among em-pires and nations, justifying their slaughter by invoking the principles these thinkers have held, defended, and argued for, causing countless stories of human suffering and tragedy. 

In this light, this year’s AcadFest, with the theme “LIVING IN MULTIPLICITY: The Bicolano Youth as an Advocate of Peace and Understanding,” the Organization hopes to address this perennial problem of humanity by instilling in our youth, not ab-stract universal principles that will guide them to some utopia, but the disposition for peace and understanding in our postmodern age where people will be more likely to encounter ways of life very unlike their own. In this context, tolerance would not be enough; what is required of us is to have the desire to actually understand other peo-ple and appreciate the multiplicity of these forms of life. 

We in UP HARONG, as part of our goal to take part in our University’s pursuit of a well-balanced education for all, has always promoted the idea of a healthy com-petition among the best young minds of the province, one that will contribute to their academic development, as well as to the broadening of the horizons by which they see the world. May this year’s AcadFest do this for you.


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