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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Barangay Del Rosario July Scoop

A barangay worthy of praise and blessing is up for some fun in charity and learning this coming July!

The Gov't of Del Rosario and Brgy. Health Center are LOOKING FOR BLOOD DONORS RESIDING IN DEL ROSARIO. Pls visit and look for Miss Archie (Secretary) to attend to your queries. See posters around the neighborhood for more details on how to join the Bloodletting Event this coming July 7th. The Event will be facilitated and conducted by BMC Bloodbank team. May God Bless you more for your good intention, be it to save a stranger's life or to pay back a previous blood 'debt'. Pun not intended. = )

Family Health Classes which are to be held in three different sites around the brgy. are series of lectures, demos and games in support of the campaign to help our less fortunate neighbors with their families be in the 'know' with Family Health or Reproductive Health issues.

Schedules for such classes:
Family Health Class: July 11, 12, & 13
Papsmear lecture and checkup - July 14th postponed to be rescheduled sometime in August
Diabetes lecture with free Blood Sugar check-up for its participants -  date moved to July 28th.
The Brgy. has family-oriented and mother-and-child activities that every household can relate to, if not participate in. Programs such as Brgy Nutrition's Daily Feeding Program, Sulong Kaakian, which started last May and will end this September definitely provides philantrophists and NGO's an avenue for their charitable works.

The plastic spoons and orange bowls are so familiar to the underweight and severely underweight kids of Del Rosario that they themselves eat without assistance.

The parents, mothers and/or guardians of these kids are taking baby steps with them and are playing big roles in having a peaceful home and in encouraging other families to give quality time with their kids through the feeding program. Graduates of the feeding programs are still being monitored through regular weighing schedules, health and nutrition services provided by the Barangay Health Center. The midwife, Brgy. Health Workers and nurse (yours truly) work hand in hand to meet the goals by setting first the expectations in the brgy. Del Rosario.

For those of you who are willing to be part of the children's growth and development through proper nutrition, please be advised to visit the brgy or call the office of the gov't of Del Rosario at 4758603. Our supportive Barangay Captain is Mr. Jose T. Peñas, III. Consider office hours from 8am to 5pm, Mondays thru Fridays.

Let's support Public Health in general. Participate in your own barangay. Who knows, maybe you just save the life of a future scientist or a future leader.


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