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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Guide to The Village @ San Bernardino Calabanga

This post aims to guide visitors and fellow Bicolanos on how to reach The Village at Calabanga. Our first attempt to show you the way to The Village was quite rainy and gloomy, this time it's sunny and bright just in time for summer here in the Philippines. Summer is the time when everyone wants to have a dip in the freshwater hot or cold just like in Mini-Hydro or a splash in the sea water in the sandy beaches of the Carmaon Islands or just by our neighboring towns at Pasacao or Partido area. But for others who dislike the salty and open water, resorts with pool and other amenities is the first choice. The Village is the newest resort outside Naga City. Visit the place and you'll know why it's named as The Village. Let's head on to Calabanga!

If you're a commuter, the terminal is at Bagumbayan in Naga City, it is called the 
Naga Northbound Jeepney Terminal (in Red).
This terminal also caters to destinations such as Canaman, Magarao, Tinambac and Tamban.

A wider map for you to locate some of the landmarks nearby.

The first town after Barangay Bagumbayan in Naga City is Canaman.
This is also where Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation is located which is also very noticeable on the right side because of the ship prototype and pool.

Next is Magarao, the Hilot Capital of Camarines Sur

the view along the way

Next is the Municipality of Bombon

Next is Quipayo Calabanga

nearly there...at the end of this road is the junction, turn left going to San Bernardino and right if you're planning to go to the downtown area of Calabanga.

Turn left now...

First Barangay you'll pass by is San Lucas

next is Barangay Sto. Domingo

It's approximately 2 kilometers from the junction up to The Village

The receiving area..

Some panoramic shots..

There you go guys! Enjoy the warmth of the sun, breathe the fresh air and experience the newest Village in Calabanga. The bill is just fair and The Village is for all ages. See you there!

*To see our previous posts about The Village, click HERE and HERE.
For rates visit The Village Facebook Account

*Rate are subject to change without prior notice.


  1. rates...rates..rates..where are the rates??

  2. http://www.nagacitydeck.com/2011/01/lrv-agri-science-farm-san-bernardino.html u can check the rates here. rates are subject to change without prior notice. please contact the resort or visit their website and or Facebok page.. http://www.lrvagrisciencefarm.com/