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Monday, January 4, 2010

Villa Grande Homes Fire 2010

I was watching last night in our tv room around 10:30 when I heard someone yelled "tulong, tulong, may sunog!" tagalog pati. I got nervous and hurriedly went outside to check, to my surprise I saw my father and his friends running towards our street. I opened the gate, Paps turned off the main switch of our house just a precaution. He then frustratingly used the hose as if there was still hope even if the distance was about 200-300 meters away from the fire itself. On the other hand he said that he's trying to pour water on the area on the next house so that the fire won't spread fast. Even our neighbor across the street also used a hose but it was just too short. The fire was raging and it started on the 2nd floor, I even said to myself "dai na kaya yan kang hose, garo nlng yan ihi". Plus, there house has a high wall making it difficult for us on the side to try to stop the fire.

Everybody near the burning house was being awakened by almost everyone. We got so worried with the house just beside us, which was also right next to the burning house. It took them around 5 minutes before they went out even though the fire was already fast spreading. I heard someone calling the fire bureau but still wala pa dumadating. This was the part that I got scared so much coz what if it's too late? what if it spreads across our side? Thank God it didn't.

I was really in panic trying to call my friends who has a landline and who are near the downtown area. I called Von, but didn't answer twice. I next called Dan, I got one help. Then von called up asking if what was up? So I relayed to him the scenario thinking that he was at the shop but he wasn't. Then dan replied after a few minutes and said that they already called the BFP and for us to keep safe. We were already hearing exploding sounds inside the house which made it even scarier.

At last, we heard one firetruck from a distance. The firemen hurriedly put the water hose intact then started to direct the water to the fire. I began to calm down, but I said sana igwa pang saro na mag abot. I tried calling someone else pa, si nak Ryan but the signal didn't allow me to even though I was outside already. We were so glad that a total of 4 trucks came to the rescue helping one another.

I salute our fire fighters namely: CHIN PO TONG VOLUNTEER, NAGA CITY BUREAU OF FIRE PROTECTION, and CAMSUR FIRE TEAM (the truck with the name of Lray on it, it was the biggest by the way). Hand in hand with CASURECO II, to cut the power lines. Their response was fast that's why the fire only last for around an hour and a half (estimated) until it was totally stopped and there were less smoke being emitted.

Von texted again checking if there are already firemen, but I wasn't able to reply due to nervousness. Then suddenly 3 of my friends came, Ij, Dax and Joe checking up on us if we were safe, so I asked how did they knew? Von called them to check our situation. After a few minutes, Von and Jess came. Thanks so much to my Litz Familia, I can really depend on you guys and I'm proud of you that even my parents got to see it. I would also like to thank my SSC friends for your concern.

I have never been scared that way my entire life. It's totally a different scenario from just watching news of fire on television. Thank God no one got hurt and no one got killed. The scene was stuck on my head, I slept at around 4 am.

CAUSE OF THE FIRE: Electric Fan. According to the news, the family was eating dinner downstairs and they didn't notice that the fan was the source of the fire on the 2nd floor.

Lessons learned:
1. electric fans are really hazardous when they heat up, especially new models nowadays(any appliances as well), a regular check on them is a must
2. always turn off gas range after use
3. a landline phone is still important, it's easier to contact emergency hotlines
4. stay up late. just kidding. but being alert will always help in case of emergencies
5. know how to calm down in order to do everything right
6. love your friends, in cases like these look for people who as an easy access to whatever is needed


  1. Sorry to hear that about the fire. At least everyone is safe. And thank God is still there providing you all the need you have!!! Blessed the people who love God and, Love their life and families and home. People who care for each other, neighbors and friends!!

    Cherish each moment....

  2. did u know that i was just at the Chin Po Tong Fire Station siguro an hour or so before all this happened? my cousins and i were taking pictures and i was actually waiting for some action :D my uncle was 1 of the drivers ng fire truck who went there. sayang nga coz when this happened, nasa coffee shop na ako with my cousins and hindi na ako nakasama. nagkita pa sana tayo. heheh.. anyway, i'm glad the fire didn't last long.