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Friday, August 7, 2009

UNC Ready for A(h1n1)

A(h1n1) is not something to be afraid of. UNC is ready for it and as part of the prevention program of the Health Services of the University, the College of Nursing, assigned students to station at the 2 gates of UNC to get the temperature of students and employees (both those who are walking and who are in vehicles) before they enter the vicinity. Once you have fever, then you cannot go to class and you cannot go to work. August 3, 2009, at first they used the digital thermometer (i'm not sure if that is the correct clinical term) wherein you still have to stick it into the armpits of those who enters the university. Even though it is sanitized every after a student uses the thermometer, you will have to clamour against the human traffic it causes. The afternoon of that same day, they now used the Infrared Thermometer, which is practically easy to use and it avoids human traffic especially during rush hours. All you have to do is stand and pause for 3 seconds, the student points the pen on your forehead with an infrared light, then poof there goes the temperature. I just don't know how accurate it is. There are also posters inside the university which contains tips on how to stay away from a(h1n1) or any flu-like illnesses. Plus, there's a Memo for all employees that if you have signs of flu, you will have to take a "sick leave". It's better to be sure than sorry right?


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