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Friday, May 22, 2009

Kaogma Festival 2009 Schedule

May 23 - OPENING PARADE - An intricate show of sights and sounds to jumpstart the week-long festivities featuring no other than Ms. Sarah Geronimo.

May 23 to 31 - HOT BUYS HOT FOODS Indulge in Cam Sur’s gastronomical treats and experience the unique and authentic flavor of Cam Sur’s delicacies and Get a hold of your dream job, bring in your resume and apply at the Hot Buys Hot Food area.
LAGO DEL REY PARTY FUN! Enjoy the latest additions to CWC’s action packed activities: ride the aquagliders and other inflatables!

May 23 to 24 - MOTOCROSS - Motorcycle daredevils showcase their command over open fields and dangerous slopes in this exhilarating event.
NIGHT AIRSOFT CHALLENGE - Experience the thrilling and mentally stimulating game of tactical airsoft!

May 25 - DALAN SA KALANGITAN - The region’s best vocal talents contend for hefty prizes and prestige that may very well cement their status as the country’s up and coming artist.

May 26 to 29 - TOUR OF CAMSUR - Amateur and professional mountain biking enthusiasts from all over the country gather to compete in a 5-day race of speed and endurance on the tough yet picturesque Cam Sur terrain.

May 26 - HOT KIDS - Watch talented and witty Bikolano kids on the road to stardom.

May 27 to 29 - CAMSUR RC COMPETITION - Small remote controlled cars packed with explosive speed, grace the tracks of CamSur in this exciting tournament.

May 27 to 28 - BURUNTOLAN - Cam Sur’s amateur boxers fight for the coveted title as the region’s ultimate “uragon”.

May 27 - STREET PARADE WITH STREET DANCE - See a wide array of colors as Camsur’s talented street performers stroll the streets. Together with the flashy moves of street dancers.

May 29 to 31 - WAKEBOARDING NATIONALS - The fourth annual wakeboarding competition participated upon by the best Pinoy riders at the top of their game.

May 29 - SEARCH FOR MISS KAOGMA - A night of wit and beauty, grace and glamour that only the finest women of Bikolandia can deliver.

May 30 to 31 - 4x4 ISAROG CHALLENGE -An adrenaline packed competition featuring the best four wheel drivers around the country navigating the rough and muddy Cam Sur terrain.
- CAM SUR NATIONAL SKATEBOARDING - Watch the most daring skateboard exhibitions as skateboarders battle it out in CamSur Skatepark!

May 30 - MUSIC FEST - A 12 hour music marathon featuring the country’s top performing bands. It’s Woodstock Bikolano style!

May 31 - HOT HOT MILLIONS - Visit our Hot Buys Hot Food area. Purchase anything worth P100.00 and get the chance to win Millions.

Source: http://www.camsurwatersportscomplex.com/cwc_news_press/p2_articleid/285


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